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San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010

nursery, lighting, hardwood floor, open space, soft textures, baby blue, crib, white, window 

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2010

San Francisco, CA

This cozy nursery was designed by Marsh and Clark Design founder and mother of two.  Aware of the necessities that come with raising her boys she made a point to show off the soft tones and textures to create a soothing atmosphere for a set of triplets.

modern, nursery, window, open, crib, indoor plants, white, soft tones, soft textures, simple 
nursery, lighting, crib, modern, chandelier, soft tone, textures, white, modern chair, floor lamp 
crib, nursery, white, modern, soft tones, soft textures, window, lighting 
nursery, modern, mirror, white, modern dresser, light, soft tones, babies 
soft tones, nursery, crib, babies, white, towels, detail, decor, soft textures 
wallpaper, white, soft tones, pattern, nursery, 
nursery, white, crib, modern crib, detail, soft tones, soft textures
nursery, soft tones, soft textures, sitting area, babies 
nursery, babies, detail, chandelier 
nursery, crib, modern, light, white, baby blue, chandelier, elegant, open, soft tones, soft textures 
nursery, crib, modern, babies, white, baby blue, chandelier
nursery, white, hardwood floor, sitting area, nursing chair, fur, lighting