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Lake Street

kitchen backsplash tiling, cutting board, counter top, marble, marsh and clark design, kitchen

Lake Street

San Francisco, Ca

Lake Street was an ambitious assignment: transform the client's newly remodeled home into an oasis of Contemporary Calm.  MCD stripped away all the unnecessary elements, allowing the space to breath.  Then they carefully edited the palette and adorned the space with a minimal amount of rich textures and soothing neutrals.  This allowed the eye to flow effortlessly around the space.

modern, simple, white, wood, midcentury modern, white 
midcentury modern, modern, simple, fireplace, chandelier, living room, 
white kitchen, marble backsplash, modern, simple, overhead lighting, bar stools, chandelier, 
carrara marble, kitchen, backsplash, brick lay pattern marble, dark counter tops
modern kitchen, kitchen island, barstools, simple, white kitchen, dark counter tops, marble backsplash, wine
white, modern, bookshelf, dining table, light
modern, marble, dining chairs, dining table, 
modern, living room, dining room, glass, 
modern, light, living room, white, simple, midcentury modern 
fireplace, modern, midcentury modern, simple, living room, mirror, coffee table, light, 
fireplace, modern, living room, gray quartz, simple 
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