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Broderick Street

 white, kitchen, marble counters, barstools, hardwood floor, chandelier, cabinets, stainless steel, open kitchen, clean, light 


San Francisco, CA

This 4,500 square foot home was a fully remodeled by M&C.  This classic San Francisco home presented a number of design challenges.  First, the owners wanted to improve the flow of the space and somehow unify the various levels of this multi-story home.  They also wanted to lighten and brighten the space by adding windows and allowing the outside-in.  M&C's solution included utilizing natural elements of marble, wood and stone throughout the home creating a consistent flow through all levels.  The property is well situated with a great view and gets a great deal of natural light.  M&C aded large double pane windows to take full advantage of the views and added a wall of windows on the lowest levels that opens up to the outside.  This blurs the line between interior and exterior spaces and allows for a great entertaining space for family and friends.

M&C also used pops of color when selecting the decor elements to inject some life and whimsy into the home making it perfectly suited to the lives of the young family who calls it home.

 exterior, white, staircase, marble, driveway, san francisco homes, outdoor plants 
 marble, steps, exterior, white, elegant, san francisco homes, front door, entryway, wood 
 kitchen, simple, white, marble countertop, barstools, cabinets, glass cabinets, stainless steel, appliances, open layout, 
 kitchen, marble counters, open space, dining room, detail, chandelier, lighting, open layout, overhead lighting, sink, faucet 
 kitchen, lighting, chandelier, simple, details, glass, elegant 
 kitchen, white, simple, stainless steel, fridge, marble counters, overhead lighting, modern  
 kitchen, white, marble, simple, lighting, counters, stainless steel, appliances, backsplash, barstools, hardwood floor, cabinets 
 kitchen, white, oven, stainless steel, hardwood floor, marble counters, neutral cabinets 
 kitchen, fridge, stainless steel, white kitchen, simple, lighting, window cabinets, hardwood floor 
 modern, dining room, dining table, dining chairs, orange, color, hardwood floor, window, light, open space
 kitchen, countertop, glass, mirror, open cabinets, white, sink, faucet, open shelving 
 kitchen, dining area, white, color, seating area, simple, mirror, hardwood floor, open shelving 
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 laundry room, washer, dryer, stainless steel, white, backsplash, storage, cabinets 
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 closet, white, modern, storage, wardrobe, hangers, clothes, clothes rack, hardwood floor 
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