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San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2009

stone, detail, white, mosaic, bathroom

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2009

San Francisco, CA

This showcase design space was a fun challenge as it was a 3' x 9' room.  We worked with several custom artisans to turn this long skinny space into a dreamy work of art.  M&C wanted to draw the eye through the space rather than make you feel confined within the space.  The blue walls make you feel like you're in a cloud creating an expansive visual in a narrow space.  M&C played with an art nouveau inspiration while counter balancing modern with classical elements.

bathroom, wood, simple, elegant, marble, mirror, chandelier, mosaic tile, stone 
bathroom, simple, dark wood, mosaic tile, sink, mirror, modern finishes, 
door panel, detail, woodwork, cabinetry, stained wood, natural, bathroom , vanity
sink, modern, white, clean, bathroom, wood, porcelain, elegant 
mosaic, detail, elegant, beautiful, light, glass, window 
mosaic tile, detail, elegant, beautiful, light, flooring
detail, bathroom, mirror, gold, elegant